Meet Willi Smith

Dear Fashion OGs,

    I miss you very much! I'm so sad our fashion show has been postponed but we will reschedule soon!  Until then let's keep talking fashion and fill our sketchbooks with great ideas!

Willi Smith is in his stylish home with his sister, model and actor Toukie Smith.  He designed the clothes she's wearing.  Willi was a very successful African American fashion designer who coined the term "street couture" because he liked to create designs based on everyday people he saw in the city.  He has a big exhibit in New York, which is closed to the public.  You can still see the show online.  I recommend looking at the website with your parents to start as occasionally art museums include images of nude figures as an expressive art form.  We are not focusing on those images as part of our coursework.  

1. Take a look at

2. See some of the fashion illustrations such as one or more of these drawings that you like and sketch them with color. 

3.  Think of some people in your family who's style you admire.  Draw a picture of one of their outfits (it's also okay to draw one of your own!) 

4.  Draw a new "street couture" outfit you can wear on your first day back to school.

5.  If you have time, please take a photo of your drawings and email them or dojo message me! I can respond to you with comments.

Questions? Email me at

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